Thank-you to our presenting sponsor PepsiCo Canada

Be part of SAIT history. Share your photo to join thousands of other students, alumni, staff and faculty (past and present) in building an incredible centennial photo mosaic installation.

As photos are added to the digital mosaic, a larger image will reveal itself. Once complete, the image will be made into a physical installation on SAIT campus in spring 2017.

By submitting to SAIT,  including to hashtag #SAIT100, a photo or image that SAIT may, at its discretion, use in connection with SAIT’s Photo Mosaic celebrating the SAIT centenary, you are acknowledging and confirming to SAIT  that: a. you have the unconditional right and authority to submit the photo or image to SAIT for possible use by SAIT and its designate in connection with SAIT’S Photo Mosaic in such manner as SAIT and its designate shall determine, and   b. you authorize and license to SAIT and its designate the nonexclusive right to use the photo or image in connection with the Photo Mosaic on a perpetual and royalty free basis.  You further understand  and acknowledge that if SAIT and its designate use the photo or image, they will do so exclusively in connection with the Photo Mosaic but will not return the photo or image submitted by you, whether or not the photo or image is used in connection with the Photo Mosaic.”